Good, Bad and Ugly- Sleep


Adventure travel often leads to some rather interesting places to sleep.  In 21 months of travel, we slept on more modes of transportation than I care to admit- more inexpensive small hotels than you can imagine and inside more mosquito nets than I ever dreamed, even when I wanted to be a fairy princess.  To [...]

Good, Bad, Ugly: Authentic Experiences


Many travelers are in search of the most authentic experiences possible.  Some will boast about roughing it or being invited into a stranger’s home, others will stay put in a small rural village for days and weeks, board out of their minds, only to prove their determination to get under the skin of a particular [...]

Good, Bad, Ugly: Border Crossings


Border crossings are like legends.  Travelers circulate tips, advice and helpful hints amongst each other in the hopes that they will spare another from the experience they had.  For us, border crossing days were stressful — we felt our most vulnerable with passports in hand, cash in pockets and at our most vigilant against scams, [...]

Good, Bad, Ugly: Visas


Traveling overseas usually requires visas, especially if you’re not traveling within a defined geopolitical area, like the European Union or the Commonwealth.  As we traveled around the world we collected visas and visa stories.  Fees, processes and paperwork differed in every county, some were a breeze, others were so painful they overshadowed nearly the whole [...]